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Public and Private Agile Workshops

We conduct both Private and Public workshops across the Globe. Apart from traditional training programs on Scrum or Lean or KANBAN, we offer tailor made solutions for corporate leaders as well (e.g. DevOps Master, Corporate Scrum, Scrum for Executives, Scrum Master, Product Owner). Please drop us a note for any specific Agile or DevOps Training requirement.

Management 3.0
Management 3.0Feb, 2020

Hyderabad, India

Scrum@Scale Practitioner
Scrum@Scale PractitionerFeb, 2020

Hyderabad, India

Scrum@Scale Prctitioner
Scrum@Scale PrctitionerDec, 2019

Bangalore, India

LSMPONov, 2019

Bangalore, India

Scrum@Scale Practitioner
Scrum@Scale PractitionerOct, 2019

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Scrum@Scale Practitioner
Scrum@Scale PractitionerAug, 2019

Bengaluru, India

Scrum@Scale Practitioner
Scrum@Scale PractitionerMarch, 2019

Kolkata, India

Scrum@Scale Practitioner
Scrum@Scale PractitionerNov 2018

London, UK

Scrum for Executives
Scrum for ExecutivesAugust 2018

Bangalore, India

Corporate Scrum
Corporate ScrumJuly, 2018

Madrid, Spain

Connect for Upcoming Workshops

Interested about our upcoming workshops on Agile? Check our listed plan and feel free to let us know your need. We are always looking forward to make room for new and exciting requests.



Maturity Assessment

Is your organization ready for the next big move? Or is it your project that is going to adopt something new? We help you assess the readiness!

Agile Delivery

Once you are ready for your journey, if you need a helping hand - we are here to offer you Agile Coaches or Scrum Masters or RTE - as you need!


We offer strategic consulting and coaching across organizations. And cover scaling and leadership workshops to both delivery and executive teams.

Change Management

"Change is the only constant"! But it doesn't need to be painful! We help you plan it and take the journey efficiently!

Agile Training

Project or Program Management, Leadership or Design Thinking, Innovation to Facilitation - we cover all!

Scrum Certification

We offer Industry acclaimed Certifications in the Agile space! Get certified on Basics, Advanced and Master Levels!