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We conduct both Private and Public workshops across the Globe. Apart from traditional training programs on Scrum or Lean or KANBAN and the well known [email protected], Licensed Scrum programs,  we also offer tailor made solutions for corporate leaders e.g. DevOps Master, Corporate Scrum, Scrum for Executives, Scrum Master, Product Owner. Please drop us a note or raise a ticket for any specific Agile or DevOps Training requirement.

Corporate Scrum
Corporate ScrumMarch, 2020

Online, Global

Management 3.0
Management 3.0Feb, 2020

Hyderabad, India

Scrum for Executives
Scrum for ExecutivesApril 2020

Online, Global

Scrum@Scale Practitioner
[email protected] PractitionerFeb, 2020

Hyderabad, India

Scrum@Scale Prctitioner
[email protected] PrctitionerDec, 2019

Bangalore, India

LSMPONov, 2019

Bangalore, India

Our Upcoming Scrum Training and Agile Workshops

Interested about our upcoming workshops on Agile or Scrum or [email protected]? Check our listed plan and feel free to let us know your need. We are always looking forward to make room for new and exciting requests.

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Agile Services

Maturity Assessment

Is your organization ready for the next big move? Our Agile Maturity Assessment helps you to understand where your organization or program or project stands and how to move forward.

Agile Consulting

We offer strategic agile consulting across domains and organizations. We have worked with Pharmaceuticals, IT, Financial, Hardware, Logistics companies - to drive successful agile transformation.

Certification Training

Project or Program Management, Leadership or Design Thinking, Innovation to Facilitation - we cover all! We specialize on [email protected], DevOps, BDD, TDD, LSM, LSPO.