Though Agile got its “formal” start in the software development space, it’s now being embraced across the entire business landscape, for projects large and small, and even for full-scale turnarounds. And therefore it is no wonder that “survival” in this ever “changing” market dynamics means companies must adapt to disruption “faster” than their competitors. And market leaders must continuously innovate organically to stay ahead. We can help you to fast-track your specific priorities using Agile or to scale Agile deliveries across hundreds of cross-functional teams, across geographical locations to improve time-to-market, improve quality, boost employee motivation and become a truly progressive organization.

ACusBus Agile Consulting Service

ACusBus Agile Consulting Service (AACS) is designed to provide a wide range of agile consulting and delivery services to our clients that would help them increase agility, speed up innovation and foster productivity in their organizations by following agile principles, ensure end-user satisfaction, enhance and speed-up the ROI and reduce TTM. And did we mention that we managed reducing 30% waste on average?

Why ACusBus?

  • Deep expertise across agile landscape (e.g. Scrum, XP, KANBAN, Lean, TPS, Scaling), assessment and consulting services
  • In-house developed framework and metrics to enable KAIZEN (continuous improvement)
  • Utilization of best-in-class agile tools including various Application Lifecycle Management tools such as TFS, JIRA, RTC, Google Data Studio to facilitate delivery efficiently
  • Multiple estimation workshops (e.g. Affinity, Magic Planning, Planning Poker) and coordinated estimation procedures for better effort estimations
  • Strong training and support capabilities towards instilling Agile capabilities and expertise across your teams and throughout your company – all towards ensuring the formation of a self-sustained delivery organization

Core Agile Services

  • Agile Readiness and Maturity Assessment
  • Agile Training and Coaching
  • Transformation Strategy and Roll-out Planning
  • Tool Assessment
  • Process Review and Tuning

For more details on AACS and related services, contact us: support[at]acusbus[dot]com