We Support Child Education

Millions of children migrate safely, for educational and employment opportunities, in search of a better life. Millions more, however, are forced or uprooted from their homes by violence, war, poverty, persecution, exclusion, and the effects of climate change.

Source: www.unicef.org

The Indian sub continent is highly prone to droughts, floods and other natural calamities. Among the states as many as 22 states are said to be multi-disaster-prone regions. Among all the disasters that occur in India , floods are the most devastating. Over 40 million hectare of land has been identified as flood prone. An average of 18.6 million hectare of land is flooded annually. The Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin, which carry 60 % of the nation’s total river flow causes floods.

Source: www.indianredcross.org

Tata Medical Center:

75% of the hospital beds at TMC have been earmarked for the underprivileged. They receive greatly subsidized care. And we can help this effort by making a small contribution from each of our end.

Donate for Tata Medical Hospital

Can we not do more to help all those who are in need? Together – we can! ACusBus is a small attempt from few at Kolkata, India – to work for a greater cause, to help those – who are in need. We organize events, we drive non-profit conferences, we conduct public training and workshops and we spread awareness through regular meet-ups – all towards the aim of sharing with the society we live in. Help us to help others! Our earnings are regularly donated to following institutions:

  • HelpAge India – New Delhi
  • Tata Medical Center – Kolkata

Past Event: Agile of East 2019 i.e. AOE 2019 – this was a non profit event and we were able to make a small contribution to the above institutions.